• Our First New Build

    We worked with John Irving on our first new build by the beach in Oakura...A modern take on what it is to live by the sea. Minimal fuss, clean lines and thoughtful touch points throughout.

    Photos By The Virtue 

    Posted by Thandi Tipene
  • Tahi Space

    A modern healing space in New Plymouth. This space was completed with an ethos based on mother earth and the elements. The interior needed to reflect a strong connection to nature to allow for the transformation of mental, physical and spiritual work. It also references back to the original features of the building. We hope that clients feel a sense of nurturing, wonder, balance and potential.

    Photos By The Virtue.

    Posted by Thandi Tipene
  • Miharo House

    This is our little studio space which we wanted to create for family and friends. We also have it available on airbnb at below. Photos By The Virtue.

    M I H A R O  H O U S E 




    Posted by Thandi Tipene
  • Eco Store Head Office

    We loved working with Eco store to create a beautiful waiting area for visitors. Their brand values and commitment to sourcing and supplying eco friendly product is world class...we say, great work!

    Posted by Thandi Tipene
  • Morley Street Bungalow Renovation

    ''Interior designer Thandi Tipene’s professional understanding of interior space and light meant that when she was viewing potential homes to purchase in New Plymouth, a small, dark cottage with limited sun was not a negative attribute, but merely a golden opportunity.

    The home’s quaint cottage style character was forefront of mind, but with a determination to modernise the home for family life, Thandi and her husband, Bachelor embarked on a renovation which saw the interior layout and style change dramatically.

    “We bought this as an original 1930s bungalow on a small site with no sun. The biggest decision for most people would be: How do we maintain the character of the home?”

    Although modernised with an entirely new layout and a soft white canvas throughout, the character has been retained via the exterior weatherboard features, as well as interior heritage fixtures such as original bungalow doors.'' Tina Stephen


    Posted by Thandi Tipene